02 Jan

Pokemon GO: 25.000 EP for free - kidz-games.com

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Pokemon GO: 25.000 EP for free

Kidz who playing Pokémon GO, but do not rise fast enough in the level? No problem. We will tell you step by step how to get a lot of experience on the fastest way. And this is completely legal, without spending money or downloading any second programs. With our tips, the experience points fall into your lap. Unlike most Pokémon games, the core aspect of progression isn't tied to the Pokémon, but rather in this case it is tied to the trainer. When you start the game, you have the ability to customise your trainer with a few preset options, as well as choose its name. When you reach Level 5, you can also assign yourself a special Team to fight for: Team Instinct, Team Valor & Team Mystic. You can also collect medals which you can see in the trainer section on the bottom left of the screen. The key part, however, is experience. Whenever you do something in the game, your character will gain experience and eventually level up. As your level increases, you will discover more Pokémon and face Pokémon with stronger Combat Points in the wild. You'll also get various perks and unlock new items. Practically everything that you do will give you experience, from checking a PokéStop to catching a Pokémon.

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