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Skylanders: Imaginators

Skylander: Imaginators can you create your own heroes - and make them real collectible figures with the help of the Skylander store! After the traps in Skylander: trap team and the vehicles in Skylander: SuperChargers also the latest installment of the popular Skylander series has launched a brand new, game-defining feature: the eponymous Imaginators. These are heroes characters, which the player can create and stored in a so-called Creation Crystal. But the individual Imaginator Skylander through not only on the TV screen. You can transfer your heroes in an available for iOS and Android mobile app called Skylander creator. Or directly in this build. From the app out, you then reached the Skylander store on the Internet, where you can order individual products around the own Imaginator: A trading card, a T-Shirt and--thanks to modern 3D-Drucktechnik - also a real Skylander figure! How much pleasure can make their creator to have a figure. Want you create your own Skylander and make as 3D printing at home on the shelf (or bring about the portal in the game)? Then download the creator app on a mobile device, created your Imaginator (or transmits it by the console game) and ordered him to you. Either immediately and at its own expense - or the second week of January, and free if you are a lucky winner of our prize draw. Then you'll get a code which you can redeem in-the Skylander store to get your individual character in the value of around 45 euros free indeed! To take part in the code raffle, you must fill out the following form. By the way: media market Club members receive in the event that they be considered as winner, instead of a code equal to two. If you are a Club member, you enter just your club number in the form. And if you are not a Club member yet, then simply quickly and free of charge via this address register.

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