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Call of Duty: New part is to lead back to roots of the series in 2017 - kidz-games.com

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Call of Duty: New part is to lead back to roots of the series in 2017

The new, end of 2017 published call-of-duty-episode should no longer depend on science fiction fans, but return the series to its roots. That fans of many years ego-shooter series with the Zukunftssetting call of duty: infinite warfare were not at all satisfied, is no secret. The reveal trailer for the new offshoot - which had celebrated his release in November 2016 and recently launched a new DLC called\"sabotage\" got bought - was punished by the community with almost three and a half million Hasst.» «The new call-of-duty portion with desired release Christmas 2017 to the back iron out and again» «go to the roots of [the series]. It says so on page seven of the annual report by Publisher Activision, which is available online and thus can be seen. According to Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg got the setting of call of duty: infinite warfare have not addressed the community and consequently was not the planned success. Call of duty: new part should have no science fiction setting Hirshberg stated also that the setting of the new call of duty game had been approved two years ago. According to rumors that should rely again on a historical background, what is fueled by the information from the annual report of Activision. (via Eurogamer) the release period for the latest instalment in the call of duty series, the Christmas season is 2017. However, so far nothing is known about-operated platforms, title, plot, or a concrete release date. This is Studio sledgehammer games, responsible for the new episode the already call of duty: modern warfare 3 and call of duty: Advanced warfare developed. By the way: while destiny 2, a further, issued by Activision title should reach you in the autumn of this year, the shooter drawn to death April opts for an unusual visual style.

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